Happy Lenses, Happy Sailors

 Katy, wearing a pair of Spy's Happy Lens glasses during a sunset... or sunrise somewhere... in the middle of nowhere.

Katy, wearing a pair of Spy's Happy Lens glasses during a sunset... or sunrise somewhere... in the middle of nowhere.

Our good friend Daryl Trinidad over at Spy Optic — while it's true that he has probably made better decisions — has decided to support our sailing adventures as an eyewear sponsor of sorts. Let's call them... Supporters of Sail.

Although it's not likely a fact, I'm going to say it will be with a bottomless supply of sunglasses for us to lose overboard, break in foreign bar fights, use as decoys while wrestling sharks, and trading high-end inventory with reckless abandon to locals for inexpensive regional food stuffs.

With this level of irresponsible sponsor abuse will also come some true benefits like improved vision, better observations while navigating and happier days while looking good underway! How the hell is a sunglass company like Spy Optic going to achieve all that? With polarized Happy Lenses.

If you haven't been out in the world wearing Happy Lenses, you are missing out on some kind of optical paradise. These lenses come with amazing colour and contrast and bring a sharp, beautiful saturation to the world as soon as you put them on. What's more, the clarity of the distortion-free lens and reduction of short wave blue light and UV rays actually helps to reduce fatigue on your eyes during long watches while sailing in the daytime.

Want to stay more alert and have a brighter world around you? I concur!

Now I know this is all just some sponsor pitch you're skimming over while thinking, "Sure, whatever, these sweet gas station shades have never failed me!" But, if you take one thing away from this post, it's to go get polarized lenses, immediately. If you know what's good for you, Happy Lenses from Spy.

Real World Benefits

With polarized lenses, if you've ever put a pair on, especially at sea, you can immediately tell that it sharpens the distinction between terrain and offers details along the seabed that even the naked eye can't spot. With the contrast and clarity from these lenses, you can actually spot distant whitecaps sooner, giving you a better read on wind conditions in the distance, or offshore while standing at the beach. 

If you're looking for fish while underway, trying to spot coral heads and other hazards, or even simply enjoying those dolphins swimming alongside your hull, you'll be able to see through the water with more clarity than typical lenses. Lots of companies make polarized lenses, but Spy actually makes them look good.

Our trip through Belize will be coming up soon, an area that's well known for shoaled waters with plenty of rock and coral just below the surface to be weary of. While either of us are on watch at the bow as we navigate some of the shallows, we'll be getting some proper use out of Happy Lenses in spotting the hazards below.

 From David Burch's "Inland & Coastal Navigation" textbook.

From David Burch's "Inland & Coastal Navigation" textbook.

So, big thanks to Daryl and Spy for making our eyes happier, our navigation safer, and for letting us abuse free product for god knows what.

Below is a video on how they work. For styles that range from a more casual look to silhouettes that look like people on fast bicycles with tight race gear wear, check out the men's collection here and the women's collection here.

How Spy's Happy Lens Works

Note about this post: While a new pair of glasses isn't exactly like buying a new super power, and they certainly won't make a bad navigator a better navigator, they really do improve your vision enough for it to count for something.