If we're not on planes or boats travelling, the two of us spend most of our time down in the Mayan Riviera of Mexico.

They announced us man and wife there in Tulum. 

Operating a private yacht charter company in Cabo San Lucas, helping run a yacht charter company in Playa del Carmen,  a craft beer distributor, a wedding decor business and a few other projects, we have been travelling plenty for work, personal and any other reasons you can find to go somewhere new.

Sometimes a pilot does the work, other times the road takes us there, and lately we sail our own boat. A floating apartment.

We have a beautiful Morgan 321 sailboat which we have sailed from Palmetto, Florida through the Gulf of Mexico into the Keys, over to Dry Tortugas, along Cuba, into Mexico, through Belize and into Rio Dulce, Guatemala where it currently lives.

Click here to read the story about that trip in Later Magazine.

Facts! Lightning round: At the moment we probably work too much, jump into the ocean too infrequently, eat too few tacos and... have all but stopped updating this site for the time being.

Mostly this is a place to talk of travels, share photos, music and the finer things we happen to enjoy, including our stories and those of others and their talents.



The Caribbean coast of Mexico and the Sea


Morgan 321
Edward Blair


Vancouver, BC




"You realize we've spent all this time and money on a boat just so we can find better places to drink, right?"

Come Say Hi

Video time!


As our Route to the Rio trip from Mexico, through Belize to Guatemala begins, we'll start putting together some more videos. Until then, watch us get married and/or swim with sea lions in the sea of cortez.


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Katy and Mikee say, "I do!"



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Sailing in the Sea of Cortez and Swimming with Sea Lions At Los Islotes

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