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Below is a collection of sites we enjoy checking out from others finding their way through the world by sea.

Some are personal blogs, some have sailing tips, how-tos, while some gems are filled with incredible photography and adventures from all around the world.

The list will be growing, but for now, maybe you have a blog that'd be nice to see here? Submit it in the form below... 


World Tour Stories

One of our favourite blogs, Alex and Taru have been at sea for years, currently stateside.

"Having traveled the world forth and back since we literally were babies, we both know that home is not a physical place, it is merely a mental state of feeling. The utter sense of satisfaction that rushes through your veins when you've found it. It is where you can kick back and enjoy the moment without feeling stressed, annoyed nor empty. It is where your heart feels in harmony and balance with the surroundings."

Katie & Jessie on a Boat

If Thelma and Louise had a boat... minus all the violence and driving off a cliff stuff.

These gals have some beautiful photography going on and, well, they just picked up and made it all happen at such a young age. It's a great story to get inspired by.


If you have a family and you're thinking, "No way I could do it," this is the one for you. Hell, if you don't have a family and are having doubts, this'll do the trick. These two are running a ship of five.

Between maintaining a boat, maintaining humans and maintaining ongoing documentation, we're talking about some next level (stress management?) skill sets.

Where The Coconuts Grow

These guys have devised what they call the 80/80/80 rule to determine where they will travel to:

  • 80° Air Temp
  • 80° Water Temp
  • 80′ Water Visibility

That right there is enough reason to start reading up on their adventures.

Operation Tropication

"Two crazy kids quit their jobs and set sail in search of warmth and cocktails..."

Our buddy Mark and his gal Caitie have now embarked on "Operation Tropication", a who-knows-how-long sail from the U.S. to the Caribbean. They're also from Vancouver and have just outfitted a new-to-them Tartan 40, Tara.

Mid-Life Cruising

Accounts from a middle-aged couple making the transition from the traditional expectations of society to the lifestyle of full-time cruising on a sailboat in the Caribbean.


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