twin shadow

Twin Shadow: Five Photos In Your Heart


The guy that occasionally pulls his act together to send me photos recently shot Twin Shadow at the Electric Owl club in Vancouver. Take a look-see at these fine shots and listen to some Twin Shadow.

For more photos by Tom Nugent, check out his website. 

Twin Shadow, Dancing, Leather Jackets


If you're reading this blog you're either super hip, super drunk or super bored. If I'm a month late on posting this album it's because you're amazing and always a month ahead on music, yet a week behind on your school work and a lifetime behind on finances. Anyhow...

Look, we all know I don't know how to review music. I can't tell you anything about composition or intention, but what I can tell you is... This album is a banger attempt at luring my 80s Synth Pop heart into thinking it's amazing. I do enjoy it and have been playing it lots in the last few weeks, but what I've noticed more than the play count in my iTunes rising rapidly is... 

This guy looks like the lovechild of Prince and Kanye if making sweet, sweet synth love and popping out a 25 year old child was trendy.