Marriage: Now on Video!

Around sunset on May 22nd, 2013 the lady and I pulled the trigger on a couple, "I dos!" and kissed in public in front of a whole bunch of our friends and family. While all this was going on, one of our dearest friends, Tom Nugent, was there to capture it all on video.

It's hard to imagine we could be any happier with the way it turned out. The colours, location and the human beings in it all create a special video for us, that almost feels more like a short film. So go on, press play, we hope you enjoy it.

If you do, check out more of Tom's work on his website, Facebook and Instagram.

Love & Lace Wedding Decor

If you liked the look, feel and decor of the wedding, Katy is now running a decor business called, "Love & Lace" in the Mayan Riviera (Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and other areas). If you're having a wedding down here, or know someone that is, contact us here and Katy will get back to you right away.

To see more photos of the wedding and the decor, visit Lucky Girl Photography's website, where they have two posts: One here, the second here.

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More Info

  • The song is, "A Song For Zula" by Phosphorescent.
  • The wedding took place at The Beach Hotel in Tulum, where we all stayed.
  • Shot and edited by: Tom Nugent.

The staff at The Beach Hotel, their sister hotel, Cabañas Tulum as well as the restaurant El Bistro were like family the entire time. They were completely accommodating, attentive and put up with a lot of Canadians drinking a lot of beer and rum. I think maybe at some point, the hotel itself deserves an entire review post. If you go to Tulum, stay there, say hi for Mikee and Katy, or maybe we'll see you there. We stop by to say hi and have a beer on most weekends and stay there whenever we spend the night in Tulum.

Doc Feldman: Shame On You Doc For Holding Out On Us


This world has some fine music. Not enough to devalue the great stuff due to the bad, but still, it's out there. Given the volumes of genres and holy mess of artists, you mostly have to dig for it. Like gold, love, or a worthwhile ball club with a .500+ record, more often than not you come up with dirt.

Prospecting. Every once in awhile your claim will yield weight.

Your claim is your genre, your weight is the prize artist. The gold. In the case of the folk/americana claim, an area I almost exclusively prospect, there is lots to sift through. More and more daily. Doc Feldman is gold.

After hearing him for the first time, I wished he had an entire catalogue of albums to discover for the first time. You know, when you hear a song and say, "Who the hell is this?" and your friend replies, "What? You've got catching up to do, here are four more albums..."

Turns out he's just released his first solo album, so all we have to play on repeat is Sundowning at the StationNote: Feldmen was also the founding member of Good Saints, so if you like what you hear here, track them down.

I have a personality that likes repetition, familiarity or simplicity. I don't know what it is, my wife could explain it better. I hadn't really noticed it until she pointed it out. My closet is a stack of plain white shirts and black shirts. Denim, basically the same shade of charcoal. Shorts that mostly look the same. Ten pairs of the same boat shoes. I'm difficult to please, but commited. One grey sweatshirt is unwearable because the designer didn't get the length quite right, but another of the same tone is the only one I'll wear for a year until it's dead. When I find something I like, I hit repeat. In the first week of Doc Feldman's release, I'd listened to the album 20 times. There's only one other artist that'd beat out that kind of looped abuse and that's A.A. Bondy, likely my all time most repeatable artist.

Other than the praise above, I don't know what else to say about this fine piece of work. As far as discussing the themes of the album or what he's accomplished musically, I think other blogs can do better (seriously, check 'em out: When You Motor Away, Folk Radio,  Mad Mackerel, Slowcoustic, and on, and on). It's just good, good stuff. Doc, just keep making music and don't you dare stop.

Check out the album, Sundowning at the Station on Bandcamp and buy the damned thing. Also, you've got Facebook. Go over there and Like Doc Feldman's page and keep up to date with the latest.

Here's one more track for the road... 



Sunshine & Two Hundred Grand


The internet already took hold of the new Sunshine video yesterday. Sites much more reputable and with far more traffic than this one (Go here for music reviews with better adjectives: My Old Kentucky Blog, Beats Per Minute, Exclaim). But so what, we can get in on the action a day late and a dollar or two short. That's this site's motto!

These guys are some pals of mine, and I know they're in a band and shit, but they're actually great guys. Some of my favourite humans. We talk about sports, feelings, you know, The Whole Nine Yards. That one's capitalized because I'm actually referring to the 2000 RomCom starring Chandler and Bruce Willy. God dammit that's a fine film.

Sunshine debuted semi-recently (On my birthday, thanks guys!) with one of those self-titled, Band Name by Band Name albums. Sunshine by Sunshine. It's a pretty fantastic debut, and you can stream the whole damned shake up right here on Bandcamp.


Below is their latest video for Two Hundred Grand, and judging by my iTunes play count, my favourite track on the album by far. Coming in second is French Exit with an unfair advantage because it comes right after Two Hundred Grand, so it gets an automatic bump in the numbers by association.

Anyhow, the video is about lazy Saturday afternoons and shitty television. Or something. I don't know, I was too lazy to actually ask Trevor, so I pulled a quote by him from one of those other blogs I listed above. Look, all you need to do is click below, watch the video and bring up them YouTube played this many times numbers!

This video is our tribute to being a total dirt bag, burning through an afternoon with slacker channels of nothing but Xena: Warrior Princess and idiotic movies from the late eighties about cops buddying up with dogs.
— Trevor Risk

Twin Shadow: Five Photos In Your Heart


The guy that occasionally pulls his act together to send me photos recently shot Twin Shadow at the Electric Owl club in Vancouver. Take a look-see at these fine shots and listen to some Twin Shadow.

For more photos by Tom Nugent, check out his website. 

Father John Misty, Live at The Commodore in Vancouver

Father John Misty, aka J. Tillman at The Commodore in Vancouver, opening for The Walkmen

I'll spare you with the words here. Lately we've had story posts, recipes and travel tips. How about some nice photos for you to digest instead? If you're a frequent visitor of Love & Rum, you'll recognize the image below from a previous post about the J. Tillman / Slowcoustic cover album.

These photos were taken by Tom Nugent at a semi-recent show of Father John Misty's at The Commodore where he opened for The Walkmen (those photos coming later). I love the different looks and stages you get through this small selection of shots. From the top image in this post to the last, you can see the progression happen...