Vacation Video: Cuban Christmas

My brother and his girl Chantal just got back from a holiday trip. They spent a week between Varadero and Havana, Cuba.

While we didn't spend the holidays together, since we had our own road trip to take care of, it's great to see that they got up to something special like this.

Katy and I plan to sail to Cuba in the near future, although we may head to the southern coast instead of the northern. It was going to be our next sailing trip this spring, but we've decided on a five month trip to Belize and Guatemala instead. 

Enjoy Ryan's video of their Cuban holiday.

The Scraps: Photos from Along The Way

Welcome to a pile of random images, in no particular order or fashion, that just never made it into a post anywhere.

They are from our recent crossing. 

Bridges on the Intracoastal Waterway, sunsets along a coast, cats on islands and abandoned forts in the middle of nowhere...