The Scraps: Photos from Along The Way

Welcome to a pile of random images, in no particular order or fashion, that just never made it into a post anywhere.

They are from our recent crossing. 

Bridges on the Intracoastal Waterway, sunsets along a coast, cats on islands and abandoned forts in the middle of nowhere...

Been Throwin' Around the "Busy" Word

Sorry, love. Not a lot of goodness going around here lately. Planning a wedding and juggling a business at the same time isn't exactly the kind of schedule where a blogging hobby and drinking habit can thrive. Dammit. In the meantime... Here are photos from an Internet photography service called Instagram.

Just Some Photos: Tulum, a Beach and Town

This weekend was a nice and slow pace. One day, a walk about Playa del Carmen to get some errands done. It was capped off by a Sunday trip to Tulum for food on the beach and drinks up the Sunset Lounge at Mateo's. At sunset and after happy hour had done its work, we decided the best course of action was to stay the night and visit our friends at Hartwood.

Waking up in Tulum, especially in a Jameson daze, unsure where you are for a moment, makes for a nice surprise in the morning. In Tulum, you wake up a few feet from the sand and sea. We walked the beach, grabbed coffee and some fruit on a beach patio then headed back home to end the stretched out weekend on a Monday morning.

Hammocks and Sand

Katy enjoys a lengthy hammock session from time to time. The season is coming, the beaches are getting busier. It's nice to see some life come to town, but before long we'll want the beaches and restaurants back to quieter days and nights.

The Fall in Mexico


A few photos from the fall here in Mexico. Nothing much going on lately other than the piling up of work on weekdays and the emptying out of some bottles on weekends. Some sailing coming up which will involve some more bottles, sunsets, sea and air.

A few of these are from Mexico City, a few are from our beach. You can do the math.