Californian Christmas: On The Road

The Abridged Version.

Over the holidays Katy and I flew from Mexico to San Francisco. There was a car waiting and an itinerary planned.

Spend a little time in San Francisco, eat good food, tour the coast, drink House of Shields dry. I wasn't able to empty all the bar of its bottles, but it put me in a way after drinking back a handful of the best sazeracs and an old fashioned or two you could hope to have. 

We stayed in Monterey, walked the streets and hit the road south through Big Sur. Three days were spent in Cambria with Katy's father, John, and his wife Lisa. Cambria is a sleepy little Central Coast town with about 2,000 year round residents. If you get a chance to spend some time there, you should take that chance. 

After a great visit with family, walks, drinks, meals, farmer's markets and things you do when you have no other obligations, it was time to head down to Santa Barbara and finally inland to Palm Springs to see my mother, Patsy and her fella Bob.

As far as road trips go, this was about as good as they come, and we'll probably plan it again next year, but extended, visit more places, spend longer in each spot and drink that god damned bar dry. 

Here are the photos from a Christmas on the road that both Katy and I took.