Nowhere to go, nowhere to be: Sunday, Sailing, Sunset

Nowhere to go, nowhere to be: Sunday, Sailing, Sunset

Finally a day with no worldly obligations. Yesterday we took Edward Blair out to sea with our friends Mack and Lisa. No plan and no need for one. We didn't even know if we were going to head south or north while exiting the marina. Who cares.

I made the decision to sail south away from the wind for a relaxing morning and a more exciting trip of beating into the wind it for the return later in the day.

Boston, Providence, Tiverton and Elsewhere in Rhode Island

Katy's sister, brother-in law and their seven year old son live in Rhode Island. I had never been and Katy hadn't seen their new place out in Tiverton yet.

We hopped on a plane from Mexico City after a week of drinking beer and eating Consuelos at our friend's churrería was all wrapped up. The first order of business was to head downtown Boston to see shows by Future Islands, The National, Neutral Milk Hotel and a blurry memory of bars. There were also trains, drives through the country and BBQs.

The timing of this trip may have intentionally been planned, or just so happened to have worked out so that we could go see the Jays play at Fenway against the Sox. Walking through one of the most storied ballparks in the game was a special experience on its own. I would fly back for the overpriced beers and historic walls alone.

The visit here will be over after the weekend and the Caribbean will become home again. There are stories, but these photos will save me the effort and might just do the trick.


A Lady and The Ducks: Boston Common

Robin Williams' bench from Good Will Hunting

A sharpie memorial has been written into the bench from Good Will Hunting. We took a little stop by there, paid our respects for all the laughs and Katy took a seat on the pavement to add, "You're doing it, Peter!" to the list.

Rest easy, ol' boy.

Fenway Park, Jays vs. Sox

Tiverton, Rhode Island

Herschel Supply Co. Well Travelled: A trip to Valladolid, Mexico

A city of freshly painted colonial buildings, sitting next to those that aren’t.

A trip of ours to the Mexican colonial city of Valladolid was recently featured in Herschel Supply Co.'s magazine, The Journal. For the full story and photography, grab a copy of The Journal at your local Herschel retailer or go visit Herschel's blog for the digital version.

Thanks to the team over at Herschel for featuring that lovely little city. If you have the opportunity to head to Valladolid, do what it takes to get there. You won't be disappointed. Unless maybe you hate interesting architecture, history, incredible food, sunshine and beer.

Click the thumbnails below to see a few extra images that weren't featured on the Herschel blog. Left and right keys to navigate.

When in Tulum: Drink Beers and Take Pictures


Just before the holidays our pals Dano and Kim took a visit down to our spot here in Playa del Carmen. After some good dinners, a bunch of beers and talking about the region, Tulum came up. Tulum always comes up.

We work most days, so while we were on lock down having a Mac-Off, they headed south to Tulum. If you don't know Tulum from a visit, the Internet or a drunken match of Trivial Pursuit Edición Mexicano, then what you need to know can all be learned from looking at these photos that Dano took.

When you're done consuming this gallery, head over to his site to see the rest. You should also follow him on Instagram for more photos like these.

About Dano Pendygrasse: 

With almost 20 years experience in action sports, both editorial and commercial, and experienced in underwater photography, Dano truly can shoot anything. He has spent time as a photo editor for an international magazine, a divemaster in the tropics, and a staff photographer for the largest snowboard magazines and brands in the world.

He currently resides in Vancouver where he shoots the people, the city, and everything else.