Rah Rah, Rahgina

Rah Rah is a Canadian band from Regina. I hadn't heard of them before seeing this new album, "The Poet's Dead" show up yesterday in my feed. The album was released a day before that, on October 2nd. Now I'm going to have to dig up their two older albums and a couple of EPs.

The songs on this album are a mix up between male and female leading vocals for various songs, and I like it that way. It makes the album almost feel like a mixtape more than a series of songs by the same band, even though the style is pretty consistent. Well then, that's the extent of the review you're going to see here. You'll have to head somewhere else for an adjective riddled review about prose and poise.

Oh, Wikipedia had this to say...

Rah Rah was named ‘Best Alternative New Artist’ and ‘Best New Canadiana Artist’ in iTunes Best of 2009 list. Rah Rah headlined the Whistler Live! stage during the 2010 Paralympic Games and performed at the Saskatchewan Pavilion. The group has been noted for their energetic live shows which often feature Pop Rocks candy and confetti.
— Wikipedia