Art Shay: From War to Hemingway to Ali

Art Shay has had as about as impressive photography career as anyone. Watch this short documentary put together by Hanson Dodge to walk through a lifetime with Art Shay in only an afternoon.

More info on the video here.

Art Shay (b. 1922) is a photographer and writer who has captured and helped define the American experience for the better part of seven decades. He shot pictures regularly for Sports Illustrated, Time, Life, Fortune, the Saturday Evening Post, Forbes, Business Week, Parade and The New York Times Magazine.

A Bronx native who now resides in Deerfield, Ill., Shay has photographed seven U.S. Presidents and other major influencers of the 20th century including such notable sports figures as Mohammad Ali, Nelson Algren and Marlon Brando. In addition to his remarkable photography, Shay has published more than 70 books on various subjects. He has also written weekly columns for various newspapers and authored several plays.
— Bradley Rochford

Dave Lee and Tim Ostler will Make You Happy Today

Holy shit! That's the best way to start this one off. Signal founder and ex pro-shred, Dave Lee got together with a bunch of awesome people (including a quick cameo from old friend and hero, Jason Brown) to create this magical adaptive snowboarding device for Tim Ostler. 

No failures. Just bumps in the road.

When you watch the video, you'll learn that Tim used to be a pro snowboarder back in the 1990s, but in the early 2000s had an accident riding halfpipe and was paralyzed. To get Tim back on the shred, Signal Snowboards and Crankbrothers Mountain Bike Components teamed up to build a brand new adaptive snowboard concept. Just watching the guys, you can see how exciting this project was, and I hope it's just the beginning for them. Just watch the video.

I was lucky enough to become friends with Dave Lee and J. Brown through snowboarding. Haven't seen the boys in ages, but seeing this made me miss them and that life. Both of them are some of the most quality and creative individuals in the snowboard world.

While it's damned amazing, it's not a surprise that Dave Lee would be the driving force behind this. I never knew Tim Ostler, but I definitely had a magazine cut out of him on my door when I was a young shred back in Ontario, dreaming of moving to Whistler. Eventually I escaped high school and made the move. Through putting down too many frontboards and nosepresses, I was able to hook up with these guys and had some of the best years of my life. 

Dammit, that's some fine work, gents!



The Hall of Fame game in Canton is coming up this Sunday. Saints vs. Cards. After that, regular season will be here and before you damned well know it the rest of your Sundays will be spent in a justifiable stupor while your Mondays get filled with a backlog of regret. I love the fall.

To get ready? Just watch this video. Watch it, and I won't have to say anything else. When you're done watching this short clip where Sweetness makes it to #5 on the all time NFL greatest list, track down a copy of his feature on A Football Life

P.S. Drag and drop, right click, control-save, or whatever... the image above is 1440x900px so it'll fit your desktop for the entire 2012/13 season and the rest of your football loving life.