Lifetime Collective: Uniform Standard Spring 2013 Collection

Some kind of wonderful shot, taken from Lifetime Collective's Uniform Standard Spring 2013 collection film.

Winter may still be lingering around a bit, but before you know it you're going to wake up to the clanking sounds of bottles around you in bed and the birds chirping outdoors, because that's how they do. Also, it's spring!

Lifetime Collective just dropped all three of their spring collections for 2013 last week and things are looking real fine. Nothing you can put on will make you look as amazing as the gentleman featured above, but the pieces in Lifetime's Uniform Standard will damned sure get you close. (To note: None of Lifetime's stuff is vintage 70s coke-chic.)

Check out the full collection here to give your wardrobe a facelift, or check out some of my favourites that I picked out below...

I often see bloggers including things like, "Full disclosure, I work for Brand X" in their posts. Well, I'll disclose all day long if I have to. Just watch me. I work with Lifetime Collective and they're what you call "True Blue", a real fine group of gents.

So get with the program and head to the Uniform Standard shop by clicking here.

"How about some lookbook photos?" you ask. I have those too!

Mercado 23: Cancun, iPhone Incognito

Over the weekend we hit up a little market in Cancun called Mercdo 23. It's gritty, it's local, it's cheap and it's fun. Sure, there are better and bigger local markets in the cities and towns around, but this one still has a great feel. There is local music playing everywhere, butchers chopping up chickens and pigs out in the open while locals line up to get the fresh meat. Party supply stores, florists, taco stands and voodoo vendors.

That's right. Voodoo. Several shops sell various potions, candles, dolls and woods for practicing voodoo.

We bought a bunch of firecrackers, papel picado for our wedding and put back a few tacos. All very cheap. These photos were all shot with my iPhone as quick as I could, because sometimes you just feel a little too out of place holding up a camera in a tiny local market while locals wonder, "What could this townie possibly be taking pictures of in our market?"

So anyhow, if you're in Cancun and looking for a more authentic experience than the hotel district offers (basically a Mexican Miami), head to Mercado 23 and grab lunch for two at a total of $50 pesos (give or take $4usd).

Here's a song to get you in the mood for the sounds of a local market.

On the Road in Mexico with Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel Supply Co. backpacks are pretty much perfect for the beach.

Our pals over at Herschel Supply Co. are good folks. They stocked us up with some bags, which we use for anything from packing books and bottles for a beach day to everything we need for road trips to the south.

This red canvas Little America bag is our most used and retails for about $140. That price seems fair considering the thing is going to go along with you on all your adventures for the next few years. Treat yourself!

You can see it's a pretty simple, classic design, which is what you want to aim for in your go-to bag. The thing will stand the test of time in style and durability. It feels nice and sturdy, has a deep main pocket with plenty of room for rum, limes, a few books, accessories, camera and whatever else you're bringing around with you. It also comes with a padded laptop sleeve so you can still check Facebook from the beach.

Since this bag can fit lots, they've outfitted it with padded straps for those long walks on the beach you always talk so much about.

Most recently we loaded up our bags and hit up Mahahual. Tomorrow? Tulum! Check out some photos below.


Lifetime Collective presents: Uniform Standard


Last month the Fall and Winter lines over at Lifetime Collective launched. Since it seems I've just started to write a bit more on this little site here, I thought I'd take a post to cover the newest addition to the family.

Uniform Standard

It is an entire collection, independent of the Men's F/W 2012 line and is born from the roots of the brand. This year is Lifetime Collective's 10th year anniversary so co-founder and designer, Reid Stewart took this season to create a whole new branch of the brand, citing inspiration from their history with the skate/snow world. 

Uniform Standard dances to the beat of its own drummer. The collection is a youthful self-expression inspired by its true beginnings and roots. It is through art, skateboarding, snowboarding, music, photography, free thinking and love of life that this picture is painted.

It's about living life and getting lost in it. Uniform Standard brings together each individual thread into a fabric that makes up a collection of creative and inspiring thoughts and ideas.

The line features a lot of classic looks that could easily form the staples of your wardrobe for the fall/winter season.

Shop around for your favourite Uniform Standard Fall 2012 pieces here.

Included with the production of the line is a video by Lifetime Collective member, Brock Mitchell. It features: Some damned fine scenery, native narration by Gustave Many Bears, music by Constantines and pieces of the collection in the wilderness of Canada.

Once again, stock up for fall with some pieces from Uniform Standard.


Mexico City, Markets, Skulls & Strawberries


We've been hanging in Mexico City for the week and with almost a week left, we're are already planning on coming back again. It's a huge fuck-off city and we've barely explored La Condesa, where we're staying.

When we're back to Playa, I'll get up a bunch of photos and info about the areas we've explored. Until then, check out these skulls for sale at the outdoor market next to our spot. I will not put these on my nightstand.