Birds, Beers & Earles


Just a little guy flyin' by and some photos from Club de la Cerveza here in Playa.

Club de la Cerveza, or The Beer Club, is where you can find me if I've gone missing. A dear friend, Miguel, owns the bar with his lovely wife Susana. They provide a large selection, excellent beer knowledge, good music and better company. All kinds of adjectives!

When you go to a certain bar so many times it becomes as comfortable as a friend's living room. When you go to Club de la Cerveza for the first time, it will already feel like that because of the staff and service. They are always there to chat, educate and above all help you drink lots of fine beer.

If you're visiting Playa del Carmen, this should be the first place you stop for refreshments as soon as you put your bags down. Or just bring your luggage. Club de la Cerveza has a Facebook page where you can get the latest updates.

Now get back to work or grab a beer. I might do both. Oh, and below the photos is a Steve Earle song for your afternoon.