Instagrams & Wedding Plans

This week we picked the spot where our I Dos and How Do You Dos will happen when our friends come visit the beach, staring at us while we kiss in public.

Tulum is a pretty special place and happens to be sitting in a good period of its history right now. The main hotel and dining strip are right on the beach. The area is developed just enough to enjoy some fine restaurants with quality cocktails, but not enough to bother you with the tourist traps of the north (Cough, Cancun, Fuck). If you want to have high quality food and great company at night while still enjoying quiet beaches during the afternoons, Tulum will be your Huckleberry. 

While we're not having our wedding at Hartwood, through a few back-to-back trips recently we've been stopping off there for drinks or food. Both are damned good and mandatory to be sampled if you hit the region. I soberly, drunkenly, wholeheartedly think their signature drink, "The Hartwood" might be the finest cocktail I've ever had. Sure, I'm only a cocktail expert in the way that I've spent too much time with them on the seated side of the bar, but so what? "The Hartwood" is that kind of drink you don't need a break from while running a marathon. You can stick with it from beginning to end.

It's a perfect mix between ginger steeped simple syrup, Jameson, soda, lime and fresh ginger slices. Dammit.

The owners, Eric Werner and his wife Mya Henry relocated from New York a few years back and went to work creating a restaurant where every detail seems so casually appropriate, yet painstakingly planned. I'm probably over thinking it, but they definitely had a vision and it worked out pretty damned well. They have been featured in The New York Times, Bon Appetit and a bunch of other lowlife blogs like this one.

Photos by The Selby

Photos by The Selby

Now that we've got our location, wedding spot, hotel and a few other major details worked out... it's time to start sampling the food and booze around Tulum.