Beaches are for BBQs and Birthdays: Katy turns 30

Earlier this month Katy had her 30th birthday. We rented out a private section of a beach in Soliman Bay and a passenger van to transport our friends to and from the spot.

Half of the van was filled with supplies and decor from Katy's wedding decor business, Love & Lace. We set up a beach bar that included giant dispensers of sangria, fresh lemonade, grapefruit, ginger and basil mojitos as well as craft beer from our distribution company Casa Barriles. Also part of the set up was a dining table, string lights and some other little details to make the beach feel like our own little zone.

We stayed well after dark, had a bonfire, some s'mores and more drinks. Happy birthday, doll. Here's to more beach, more BBQ, more boats, and maybe even more of all of that combined.