It is Animal. It is Human!

This video is wild and some kinda sexual. Which reminds me, before you pressed play I should have noted that this thing is KSFW. Kinda Sexual For Work. I say kinda because, sure people are bangin' but hit play anyway, it's art.

While watching it you can picture the director pitching the idea in some miscellaneous foreign accent, slim cigarette in hand, "It is raw. It is aneemal. It is real! It is... sexshual, it is human nature!"  Shit, I think I'm just picturing Serge.

What's really going on here is a banger song set to the visuals of snails humping, spiders crawling, snakes slithering and what I'm pretty sure is the fog monster from Lost giving it to a babe in the forest. That's right. Fog monster. Enjoy.

Happy friday, friends. Go make mistakes in the forest!