The Last Temptation of Rum

Sure, this song is about the dying moments and resurrection of Christ, so what I'm going for here might be a stretch... but I'll be damned if this song isn't the perfect soundtrack and metaphor for a hangover.

No song in the history of music has ever captured what it's like to wake up half dead, hanging off the bed, dehydrated as hell while spooning a bottle of Jameson quite like It is Accomplished. Turn your speakers up and press play. Your first reaction will be like that of waking up to a headache with a side of regret, "Jesus!"

The sound is piercing and immediately you will wish you had never pressed play. But hold out, it can only get better from there. The bells of resurrection are the Advil to your morning and the drums your Hair of the Dog. Slowly it builds and harmony kicks in. Baby, you're back on top and you've had your greasy breakfast of Peter Gabriel's finest instrumentals.

Finally once you've recovered from Friday night's mistakes and are feeling like you're back on stable ground, you slowly tap back into a few beers with friends, maybe one Jameson just for the road. Just one, I swear! Before you know it, the sounds of the song change and take us right back where we started.

I promise I'll never listen to this song again...