Rock & Roll in Vancouver: Japandroids do work at The Rickshaw Theatre

Japandroids at the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver

How the hell were your holidays? Sick of people asking that? Well, the holidays are over, you're coming out of a daze and you've most likely already broken two or three of your New Year's Resolutions. In a week the rest will all be forgotten while laying in wait for next year.

Speaking of holidays and a New Year's daze, dear friend, drink pal and photo contributor to Love & Rum, Tom Nugent recently went to the Japandroids show at The Rickshaw in Vancouver. Reid Stewart from Lifetime Collective was good enough to connect some dots and bring Tom and the band's manager together to get ol' Thomas into the sold out show. 

Check out a few of the resulting photos below, and then head over to Lifetime Collective's blog to see the rest. Oh yeah, and a freebie of Fire's Highway recorded at the show.