An Island for Saturday: Sunsets, Sailing & Rum


The weekends have been good around these parts. The sun is almost a guarantee, the rum is a sure bet and the ocean is only a few steps away. This weekend we went for a sail off the coast of Cozumel with a few good friends.

A trip off the coast has its predictable stages

There is always excitement when departing the marina and the following calmness when the idea has settled as you coast into deeper waters. Then there's acclimatization, which is founded by rum punch and cold beer while you keep your eyes on the horizon. Bet on a cigar.

With good visitors and the right amount of drink, the dependable few will hang from the bow over the sea below. Then the diving begins. Swimming as deep as you can, eyes open, seeing as far as you can under the clear water with the reef all around. The salt burns your eyes, but not in such a bad way. Afterward you float on your back, staring at the sky, forgetting for a short while that there is land nearby with its weekdays and its work.

On the return to Puerto Abrigo is the sunset where the calmness begins again and everyone winds down after the sun has done its job.

We should all thank the ocean, our friends and most importantly, the rum.