Lifetime Collective presents: Uniform Standard


Last month the Fall and Winter lines over at Lifetime Collective launched. Since it seems I've just started to write a bit more on this little site here, I thought I'd take a post to cover the newest addition to the family.

Uniform Standard

It is an entire collection, independent of the Men's F/W 2012 line and is born from the roots of the brand. This year is Lifetime Collective's 10th year anniversary so co-founder and designer, Reid Stewart took this season to create a whole new branch of the brand, citing inspiration from their history with the skate/snow world. 

Uniform Standard dances to the beat of its own drummer. The collection is a youthful self-expression inspired by its true beginnings and roots. It is through art, skateboarding, snowboarding, music, photography, free thinking and love of life that this picture is painted.

It's about living life and getting lost in it. Uniform Standard brings together each individual thread into a fabric that makes up a collection of creative and inspiring thoughts and ideas.

The line features a lot of classic looks that could easily form the staples of your wardrobe for the fall/winter season.

Shop around for your favourite Uniform Standard Fall 2012 pieces here.

Included with the production of the line is a video by Lifetime Collective member, Brock Mitchell. It features: Some damned fine scenery, native narration by Gustave Many Bears, music by Constantines and pieces of the collection in the wilderness of Canada.

Once again, stock up for fall with some pieces from Uniform Standard.


Readability: For Reading!

Not every website is as considerate as this one by using a nice 16px font (or larger!). Not everyone wants to lean in and squint at their screen. Hell, not everyone wants to read whatever is open right at that moment. 

Check out Readability if you visit sites with some kind of god-awful 11px font and just wish they were better looking. It's free and lets you save a read for later just in case your boss is about to walk in and wants to know why you're reading some kind of blog about alcohol and this so called, "Readability" gadget.

Press play on that video above, install the app extension into your browser, iPhone, iPad or whatever other devices it works on. All I know is it's free and I use it all day long.

That's all for tech tips today, tech tip friends. Be sure to stay tuned tomorrow when I tell you about some other app that does some other thing.

Twin Shadow, Dancing, Leather Jackets


If you're reading this blog you're either super hip, super drunk or super bored. If I'm a month late on posting this album it's because you're amazing and always a month ahead on music, yet a week behind on your school work and a lifetime behind on finances. Anyhow...

Look, we all know I don't know how to review music. I can't tell you anything about composition or intention, but what I can tell you is... This album is a banger attempt at luring my 80s Synth Pop heart into thinking it's amazing. I do enjoy it and have been playing it lots in the last few weeks, but what I've noticed more than the play count in my iTunes rising rapidly is... 

This guy looks like the lovechild of Prince and Kanye if making sweet, sweet synth love and popping out a 25 year old child was trendy.