Sea Lions and the Sea of Cortez

From La Paz, north past Los Islotes and up to Isla San Francisco, we sailed and we swam. Sometimes there were sea lions, sometimes it was just the clear blue waters and white beaches.

We hiked mountains, walked through cactus forests and drank at anchor. If you find yourself an opportunity to spend time in the Sea of Cortez, you should do so without hesitation.

Bell's Scotch: Selling Booze without Bikinis

The folks over at Bell's South Africa know about heart strings. Sex sells, but so do stories, and stories tend to stay with us longer than a hot flash in the pants.

Father and son? Whisky? Overcoming adversity? Pour me another! Watch this story unfold, then tell me you aren't thirsty for some delicious, golden, throat charming scotch whisky.

Below is a bonus on the making of this ad. 

Art Shay: From War to Hemingway to Ali

Art Shay has had as about as impressive photography career as anyone. Watch this short documentary put together by Hanson Dodge to walk through a lifetime with Art Shay in only an afternoon.

More info on the video here.

Art Shay (b. 1922) is a photographer and writer who has captured and helped define the American experience for the better part of seven decades. He shot pictures regularly for Sports Illustrated, Time, Life, Fortune, the Saturday Evening Post, Forbes, Business Week, Parade and The New York Times Magazine.

A Bronx native who now resides in Deerfield, Ill., Shay has photographed seven U.S. Presidents and other major influencers of the 20th century including such notable sports figures as Mohammad Ali, Nelson Algren and Marlon Brando. In addition to his remarkable photography, Shay has published more than 70 books on various subjects. He has also written weekly columns for various newspapers and authored several plays.
— Bradley Rochford

Sunshine & Two Hundred Grand


The internet already took hold of the new Sunshine video yesterday. Sites much more reputable and with far more traffic than this one (Go here for music reviews with better adjectives: My Old Kentucky Blog, Beats Per Minute, Exclaim). But so what, we can get in on the action a day late and a dollar or two short. That's this site's motto!

These guys are some pals of mine, and I know they're in a band and shit, but they're actually great guys. Some of my favourite humans. We talk about sports, feelings, you know, The Whole Nine Yards. That one's capitalized because I'm actually referring to the 2000 RomCom starring Chandler and Bruce Willy. God dammit that's a fine film.

Sunshine debuted semi-recently (On my birthday, thanks guys!) with one of those self-titled, Band Name by Band Name albums. Sunshine by Sunshine. It's a pretty fantastic debut, and you can stream the whole damned shake up right here on Bandcamp.


Below is their latest video for Two Hundred Grand, and judging by my iTunes play count, my favourite track on the album by far. Coming in second is French Exit with an unfair advantage because it comes right after Two Hundred Grand, so it gets an automatic bump in the numbers by association.

Anyhow, the video is about lazy Saturday afternoons and shitty television. Or something. I don't know, I was too lazy to actually ask Trevor, so I pulled a quote by him from one of those other blogs I listed above. Look, all you need to do is click below, watch the video and bring up them YouTube played this many times numbers!

This video is our tribute to being a total dirt bag, burning through an afternoon with slacker channels of nothing but Xena: Warrior Princess and idiotic movies from the late eighties about cops buddying up with dogs.
— Trevor Risk

Captive: A short by Dano Pendygrasse

Old friend, former maker of snowboard careers and all around good human being recently put together this short film. Titled, Captive, this was entirely shot from his beautiful condo in downtown Vancouver. About the process of shooting a short entirely from a box in the sky, Dano said,

I’ve always believed that when you apply limitations to your process that the result is creativity. For the first year of my career I shot with nothing but a 50mm lens and as a result I found ways to solve the problems that arose from that. Limiting the physical space that I allowed myself to use photos from was a new way to define the boundaries of this project.

Take a look-see and enjoy his newly found filmmaking prowess and well seasoned photographic eye.

While this short is filled with an incredible amount of beauty from a single location, one comedic highlight to watch for at the end is the gentleman on the balcony in his bright red grape smugglers. I went over to Dano's to sit with him and his lovely lady, Kim, over a morning coffe. There he was! Combing his hair with an afro pick in front of a mirror on the balcony. For an hour. The man stood there for a complete hour combing his hair. Apparently this is routine, and I for one feel Dano's property value should increase on account of this. If not, this world is not one I want to be a part of.

For more of Dano's work, visit his website here or like his Facebook page if you know what's good for your newsfeed.