Californian Christmas: On The Road

Californian Christmas: On The Road

Over the holidays Katy and I flew from Mexico to San Francisco. There was a car waiting and an itinerary planned.

Spend a little time in San Francisco, eat good food, tour the coast, drink House of Shields dry. I wasn't able to empty all the bar of its bottles, but it put me in a way after drinking back a handful of the best sazeracs and an old fashioned or two you could hope to have. 

Short Film: Home Ground

This short film explores a world, weather and landscape that looks like the exact opposite of where we are. Press play and enjoy the beautiful landscapes between Iceland and Greenland, which somehow makes you want to go get cold and explore the north.

Film Description

'Home Ground' is a short anthropological film exploring how two very different, but geographically close, cultures relate to one another within a striking and vast natural landscape.

Featuring Siggi the Icelandic sailor and Dines the Greenlandic hunter.


An independent film by James Aiken
Cello by Midori Jaeger
Sound design and composition Jacob Smith
Titles Studio Beuro
Filmed aboard Aurora Arktika

The Mayan Riviera Through Tom Nugent's Lens


It's been awhile since these were shot. March, 2014. They were taken before we left to buy our boat, before we took off for almost six months, and before we got back to working seven days a week on our own businesses again.

The photos were taken during a week stretch with two of our closest friends, Tom and Mel. They are as true blue as it gets, and it sure would be nice if the world was an even smaller place and we'd get to see them all the time, or at least more often.


You can take a look at Tom Nugent's more professional photo portfolio on his site here and keep up to date with his photography on Facebook.

Photos from Tulum, Playan del Carmen and at Sea in the Mayan Riviera

A Few Polaroids by Mel Christianson

Mark Sollors Takes Care of Winter

This is not boat related, and it certainly isn't tropical, but whenever a friend of ours gets up to something like this, I just want the whole world to see it... or at least all six of you here.

What you have here is original Jr. Manboy, and now Handsome Manboy, Mark Sollors going to work on the entire season of winter.

They say, "Winter is coming," but don't worry, Mark just took care of it for you.

The Scraps: Photos from Along The Way

Welcome to a pile of random images, in no particular order or fashion, that just never made it into a post anywhere.

They are from our recent crossing. 

Bridges on the Intracoastal Waterway, sunsets along a coast, cats on islands and abandoned forts in the middle of nowhere...